Warranty Coverage

1. Motherboard - 12-Month Warranty
The motherboard for all single-head DTF printers is covered by a 12-month warranty and one-time free replacement is guaranteed.
2. Print Head and Related Components - 12-Month Warranty
The print head and related components are covered by a 12-month warranty and one-time free replacement is guaranteed.
*Range: L1800, R1390, XP600.

3. Other Accessories - Lifetime Warranty
Other accessories are covered by a lifetime warranty. Free repair service and free exchange of parts are guaranteed.


● The warranty for the ink-contact components requires the printer to exclusively use InkSonic™ official inks. Warranty coverage does not include the printhead blockage resulting from the use of inks from other brands.
● The damage must not be caused by user negligence or misuse.
● The damage should be confirmed by our expert team as non-user-induced.
● All warranty coverage time starts at the time of purchase.
● The shipping fee of all replacement or parts exchange will be covered by InkSonic™.
● If you handle any problems yourself after receiving our products, without seeking our expert team for help, or require any repairs or replacements after the warranty valid period, InkSonic™ will not be responsible for the type of damage.
● For all customers who have purchased InkSonic printer equipment but are beyond warranty period, we offer 2 type of extended warranty services to help to sort things out at any time: Remote Expert Service and Extended Warranty. Please ask our online customer service for details and we will provide you corresponding solutions.
If you have any questions after the receipt of our InkSonic™ products, please feel free to contact our 24/7 online customer service team or email to support@inksonic.com, our professional team would be delighted to offer you best service as best as we can!