InkSonic is excited to invite you to share your valuable insights, experiences, and expertise through a video. You have the option to show your content on your YouTube or TikTok social media accounts.
We strongly believe in the power of your distinctive voice, knowing that your story will significantly enrich others' comprehension of DTF printers while actively contributing to enhancing the overall user experience. We are eagerly anticipating your contributions to work together to foster a vibrant and engaging community.
If you are interested in participating in this exciting program, please refer to the following information to get started:

The rewards for creating on TikTok depend on the number of valid views of your video

Valid Views Bonus
≤300 $5
300-1K $10
1K-2K $20
2K-5K $40
5K-10K $80
10K-20K $160
20K-40K S320
40K-80K $500
80K+ $800


Who Can Participate In This Program?

Regardless of the timing of your purchase, as long as you can provide your order number.

Only videos that have been published for a minimum of 30 days will be included in the view count.

Regardless of whether the video is approved or not, a response will be given within three working days.

The payment will be distributed via PayPal on a quarterly basis, once every 3 months.

There are no specific limits, but it is important to note that duplicate content on the same platform will not be counted in the calculation.