DTF Printer

DTF Printer Maintenance Guide

Daily Operation Daily Use Environmental Requirements The printer operates best at temperatures above 22℃ (71°F). Low temperatures can negatively affect the fluidity and performance of the ink. If you live in a cold area, please ensure the printing environment is adequately heated to maintain optimal printing conditions. Maintain a humidity level above 50%. A...
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How to Choose and Use a DTF Printer for Custom Apparel

Are you dreaming of having your own designed clothes and accessories? Want to bring your creations to life? With DTF printing, you can! It’s a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your favorite T-shirt, shoes, tote bag, and hoodies. But what is it, and how do you use a DTF printer? What...
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Why a DTF Printer Surpasses Traditional Printing Methods

Imagine you have a killer design for a t-shirt, but turning that design into reality feels like a maze. Many printing methods are available, including DTG, screen printing, and sublimation, and each has its own rules. But there's one method that changes the game in garment printing. We're talking about the DTF printer or...
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